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'Single-mindedly staying the community'

NCR Staff

Sr. Kristin Funari has given the last two decades to homeless and abused women.

What drives her?

Passion, she said.

What is she passionate about?

"I'm passionate about the gospels. Passionate about the economy. I want to get more passionate about the poor. Get more passionate about the violence in our cities in the United States and say what can we do to change that. What can we do with the record industry, with the dirty cops, this drug question that I'm choking on every day -- I've known for 20 years where those drugs come from and who protects that.

"I get passionate about not being able to wrap myself around the truth that I know and others know and do something about it.

"I get passionate about the suffering that's caused by all that and then the wrong people who are blamed.

"Passionate about the beatitudes. Passionate about the truth being the way. None of us have the total truth.

"Passionate about us being able to peel that apart together and break it open together and single-mindedly staying in community, pursuing those gospel truths. That's what makes my passion.

"I get passionate when I see real struggle around who we say we are or want to be."

National Catholic Reporter, November 15, 1996