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April 7, 2000 cover story:

Few peace prospects where ancient hatreds are a way of life

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Priests and AIDS
Reading the Kansas City Star articles on Priests & AIDS? See what NCR wrote in 1997.

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Guatemala: Truth Commission Report

Does violent media make violent kids?

Jubilee 2000: Unchaining slaves of national debt

A dramatic step toward reform

The body of Christ torn asunder

Milwaukee’s experiment

Y2K: Preparing for the worst

Welfare to work



The links below will take you to this weeks stories:

linked button Cover story: Kosovo: Left with issues bombs could not resolve

linked button Cover story: Catholic social teaching fuels dream of peace

linked button Inside NCR: We must not turn away or stop speaking out

linked button Lent: We’re condemned to act in character

linked button Four activists face prison time

linked button Reserve major denounces ‘DU mess’

linked button Groups promote Mary of Magdala, women’s roles

linked button Vatican wants inclusive translation pulled

linked button California diocese holds Mass for abuse victims

linked button For Israelis, papal visit struck a deep chord

linked button Bishop defends gay Web site

linked button Books: Spong aims to launch a ‘new reformation’

linked button Pop Music: Italian tenor is a Classic

linked button Robert F. Drinan column: Memo to Clinton: On Good Friday, declare death penalty moratorium

linked button Tim Unsworth column: Chicago priest off to minister to House

linked button Viewpoint: For oppressors, there must be no safe haven

linked button Viewpoint: For gays, now is the acceptable time

linked button Viewpoint: St. Bede’s is the kind of parish all Catholics deserve

linked button EDITORIAL: Reform rabbis did what we ought to do

linked button EDITORIAL: Questioning sanctions step in right direction

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