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Jesus 2000 exhibition opens in New York

It is a pleasure to announce the first exhibition of Jesus 2000 art works, in New York.

New York became the mecca of the art world back in the 1950s. Its art, as might be expected, is pulsating and exciting, raucous and diversified as the city itself. In this notably material time it is not surprising that the spiritual element should be a rare occurrence in the galleries and museums of the Big Apple.

So it seemed somehow appropriate that NCR’s Jesus 2000 search would not be complete until it pitched its tent in New York. For two months nearly 40 of the judges’ and NCR’s favorites will be shown at the Schimmel Center for the Arts, Pace University in Manhattan.

Presented jointly by Pace University and Yangtze Repertory Theatre of America, the art will be on view from May 1 to June 30. The gallery will be open Monday-Friday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., and weekends by appointment. The address is 3 Spruce Street, New York City, which, we are told, is across the street from City Hall and is in a picturesque part of town, a part, by the way, that is well endowed with good restaurants and other attractions for the tourist and bon vivant. For further details about the exhibition call (212) 346-1715.

The guiding light behind the New York adventure is Dr. Joanna Chan, painter, designer, playwright, co-founder and artistic director of the Yangtze Repertory Theatre of America, where she has written, adapted and directed nearly 50 productions. Raised in Guongzhou, China, Chan earned an MA, MEd and EdD degrees at Columbia University. In her youth she trained as a painter under the renowned Hon Chi-Fun, and later at the Art Institute of Chicago, among other places, and has had several exhibitions, in addition to staging a couple of exhibitions a year at the Schimmel Center for the Arts. She is, furthermore, a Maryknoll Sister.

One of Chan’s paintings, “Jerusalem 1998,” was featured in NCR’s Christmas supplement, Jesus 2000, and will be on exhibition in New York.

After New York, the exhibition, with several additional works, will move on to Chicago, where it will be on display at Catholic Theological Union from July 14 to Aug. 21, and thereafter it will move to other locations. We will keep readers posted.

-- Michael Farrell

National Catholic Reporter, May 5, 2000