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Cover story


When the towers fell
a conundrum;

Shall these from eternity
inherit the earth,
all debts amortized?

Gravity was ungracious,
a lateral blow
abetted, made an end.

They fell like Lucifer,
star of morning, our star
attraction, our access.

Nonetheless, a conundrum;
Did God approve, did they prosper us?

The towers fell, money
amortized in pockets
emptied, once for all.

Why did they fall, what law
violated? Did Mammon
mortise the money
that raised them high, Mammon
anchoring the towers in cloud,
highbrow neighbors
of gated heaven and God?

‘Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great …
they see the smoke
arise as she burns … ’

We made pilgrimage there.
Confusion of tongues.

Some cried vengeance.
Others paced slow, pondering

-- this or that of humans
drawn forth, dismembered --

a last day; Babylon

-- Fr. Daniel Berrrigan, SJ

National Catholic Reporter, September 20, 2002