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March 28, 2003 Cover story:


Feeding the military machine
Armed forces a growing presence in nation’s classrooms

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A special supplement brought to you by our Advertising department.

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Paths to Peace
Special Section: Paths to Peace
Blueprint Vatican III
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Crisis in the Church - Clergy Sex Abuse

NCR in the News

Bishop Gumbleton addresses the
Crisis in the Church

* * *

Essays in Theology Archives
By Fr. Richard McBrien
This feature is updated weekly.

* * *

The Word From Rome
By John L. Allen, Jr.
NCR's Vatican Correspondent

This feature is updated weekly.

* * *

The Peace Pulpit
Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
This feature is updated weekly.

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linked button Compared to war, feeding world’s hungry has modest price tag

linked button Lent 2003 -- Reflection: Life, Dignity and Hope

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linked button Jeannette Batz column: Conflict made clear in wars virtual and real

linked button Viewpoint: U.S. religiosity in a self-imposed straightjacket

linked button EDITORIAL: The peace enterprise goes global

linked button EDITORIAL: So much squandered in so little time

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