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Updated September 19, 2003

Hundreds of jobs -- professional, administrative, clerical, ministerial and even some secular -- are filled through NCR Classifieds each year. The more popular titles include campus ministers, chaplains, counselors, executive directors, liturgy/music ministers, superintendents, principals, teachers and youth ministers. NCR Classifieds are also your best sources for up-to-date information on retreats, sabbaticals, Spanish studies, educational programs -- all the categories listed on the right column.

Because NCR is a nonprofit organization, our advertising rates are lower than most national publications, and because the NCR Classifieds serve the non-profit community as well as the commercial sector, our pages have become the one-stop source for information in the Catholic world. To inquire about our rates or how to advertise, e-mail us. Please include a phone number and/or mailing address. Or call the advertising department toll-free at (800) 444-8910 ext. 2217.

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TIMELY GENERAL INTERCESSIONS for Sundays and holydays, delivered weekly via e-mail:

FEMINIST SPIRITUALITY -- Music, books, icons, videos, gifts, liturgical resources:


“WOMEN PRIESTS NOW” -- Four powerful videos featuring archeological evidence, ordination ceremony, Dr. Ida Raming and more. For order information, call Bridget Mary Meehan: (703) 379-2487. Or visit Web site:

Books & Tapes

FREE 48-PAGE CHRISTIAN MEDITATION CATALOG -- Includes books, audiotapes, videotapes and CDs by John Main, Bede Griffiths, Laurence Freeman, Dom Henri Le Saux (Swami Abhishiktananda) and other spiritual teachers for the inward journey. Call toll-free: (888) 673-8617. Or visit Web site: For more information about Christian Meditation, visit the World Community for Christian Meditation web site:

“THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED: One Man’s Catholic Odyssey” by Rev. Joseph M. Ricard. A fascinating look at the reality of life as a priest. A true tale of a journey from Catholic schoolboy to parish priest, including the many injustices along the way. Told with amazing clarity and humor. Available at all book outlets, or phone: (863) 424-6452.

BOOKS ON HOLY WOMEN and healing prayer by Bridget Mary Meehan. Phone: (703) 379-2487. Web site:

ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION? Do you desire to live on this garden planet with passion, meaning and purpose? Then read, “Reinvent Yourself: Commit to a Great Work”, the third in a trilogy, by Dr. Richard J. Lambert -- with foreword by theologian Thomas Berry. To order, call 1-888-280-7715 or visit For content or ordering information on Dr. Lambert’s other two books, “Celebrate Life: Realize, Renew, Release Your Trapped Energy” and “Living Right Side Up in an Up-Side Down World.” E-mail:


A DAY WITH FR. THOMAS KEATING, OCSO -- “Peace In Our Times,” Oct. 18, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. The Synod House, Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Register with Contemplative Outreach. Phone: (973) 838-3384. Web site: E-mail:


COUNSELING/PSYCHOTHERAPY. Rev. Edward Lambro, PhD, CCMHC. Sensitive to the unique treatment issues and privacy needs of clergy, religious sisters and brothers. Northern New Jersey. Phone: (973) 345-8410.


Study at home. Earn your degree in Theology:


SPIRITUAL DIRECTION SCHOOL -- Companion others, experience personal transformation. Ecumenical. Northwest Illinois. Weekends; monthly. INNERMISSION: (630) 879-2077.

Irish Christmas

ENCHANTING IMAGES of Ireland -- Christmas card, note cards and matted prints:

Language Studies

INTENSIVE PASTORAL ENGLISH at Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio, Texas. An intensive program designed for individuals whose first language is other than English. Instruction allows participants to learn the English language and develop skills for ministry. Offered in three-week blocks all year. Contact Edna Cardona: (210) 732-2156, ext. 7102. Web site:


UNIQUELY QUALIFIED to mediate church-related disputes, complaints, and conflicts: Mediation Center of Evansville (in Indiana), Clark Field, president. Phone: (812) 428-7996. E-mail:

Parish Missions

PARISH MISSIONS/RETREATS with the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. Contact: DeSales Resources and Ministries, Father John Graden, Director, (800) 782-2270.

DYNAMIC, CREATIVE PREACHING -- Parish missions, Faculty in-service, retreats for religious. Web site:


PREPARATION FOR Hispanic pastoral ministry at Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio, Texas: Discussion, lectures, field trips, border reality experiences, interactive dynamics and faith-sharing from the foundation of the adult learning process. “The Mini Pastoral” is an intensive, three-week, introductory course. The “Hispanic Pastoral Ministry” is a semester program allowing for an in-depth reflection and study. Both courses are offered in English and Spanish and carry initial certification by the USCC/CCA. Contact Edna Cardona: (210) 732-2156, ext. 7102. Web site:

HEYSCHIA SCHOOL FOR SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS focuses on ancient art of Christian spiritual direction in context of contemplative study, spiritual mentoring and the diversity of faith. Four-week residential program leading to a certificate in spiritual direction. Begins Jan. 18, 2004. Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ. Phone: (520) 744-3400. Web site:

FOURTH ANNUAL CATHOLIC WRITERS RETREAT provides unique gathering place for established and new writers sharing common Catholic spiritual base and tradition. Working professionals from Resurrection, Liguori, Loyola and RBTE Press will attend. Limited to 45 participants. Feb. 6-10, 2004. Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ. Phone: (520) 744-3400. Web site:

Religious Goods

HAND MADE Swarovski Crystal Rosaries and Religious Jewelry. Web site:

CARDS -- MARY OF MAGDALA painting (2003) preaching to the apostles. Cards, prints and framed art available. Web site:

Renewal Programs

RENEWAL PROGRAMS: BERAKAH: “A Place of Blessing,” offers A Time of Blessing, four-month renewal programs for women religious and other women in ministry who are seeking to foster fidelity to self, God and world. Components: scriptural and theological input, personal and spiritual renewal, contemplative space, opportunity for spiritual direction and/or counseling, creative leisure in a community setting. Renewal Session I:late August to mid-December; Session II: mid-January to mid-May. Choose one or both. Possibility of structuring half sessions. Inquiries: Berakah, 96 Fairview Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263-3817. Phone: (603) 435-7271. Fax: (603) 435-6670. E-mail:


“THE SOUL TELLS A STORY,” different kind of writer’s workshop providing exercises, meditations and group discussions to help writer tap both creativity and spirituality in natural, nonthreatening ways. Retreat experience led by Vinita Hampton Wright, Loyola Press Chicago and Rev. Thomas Santa, former president and publisher, Liguori Publications. Nov. 14-18. Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ. Phone: (520) 744-3400. Web site:

CELTIC SPIRITUALITY RETREAT feeds both intellect and soul, covering several key themes in Christian and pre-Christian Celtic Spirituality. Specific topics: origin of Celts, Divine in Celtic tradition, Celtic music and spirituality and Celtic holy women. Retreat leaders: Padraigin Clancy, Dennis Doyle and other presenters from Ireland. Feb. 13-15, 2004. Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ. Phone: (520) 744-3400. Web site:

NEW YEAR’S RETREAT in the picturesque Andean foothills of Chile. Join the Capacitar Chile team for a four-day retreat of “Remembering Who We Are,” Dec. 31-Jan. 4, at our holistic health and spirituality center in the Cajon de Maipo, one hour from Santiago. Bilingual. Contact Judy Ress. E-mail:

SAN DIEGO. The Spiritual Ministry Center offers year-round retreats including 30-day retreats and self-directed sabbaticals near the ocean in a comfortable townhouse. Phone: (619) 224-9444. Fax: (619) 224-1082. E-mail: Web site:


A SABBATICAL WITH A DIFFERENCE -- Psychotherapy, community formation, dream work, reflexology, emotional bodywork, art and therapy, spiritual direction and discernment, dance and movement, scriptural themes for healing and process, proprioceptive writing (meditational practice and therapy to move deeply into psyche through a simple, but subtly rich writing technique), cranial sacral work, biosynthesis, bioenergetics, bio-dynamic massage, mythology, visualization and hypnosis, yoga. Mini-sabbaticals: tailor-made modules to your time frame. Three-week programs. This is our 16th continuous year for the “Journey Into Self Discovery” and Sabbatical programs. For more information contact: Daniel McDonald, Director, CPEB Therapies, Inc., 145 Spadina Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 2T1. Phone: (416) 928-9570. Fax: (416) 921-7464. E-mail: Web site:

TWO SABBATICAL PROGRAMS: WINTER - January 5 - February 5, 2004, an ideal environment for spiritual renewal, theological updating and holistic relaxation in this garden oasis. JUBILEE - May 4 - June 3, 2004, a month long renewal for ages 70 and wiser reverencing their journey of the mature years. For information or to register, please contact Robert Cogswell, Center for Spiritual Development, 434 S. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92868-3907, (714) 744-3175 x4406, Fax: (714) 744-3176. E-mail: Web:

MINISTRY CAREERS AND SABBATICAL: Seriously desire Priesthood? Lay ministries? Discern/prepare in Spokane, WA. while earning university degree. Or enjoy inexpensive spiritual sabbatical. 1-800-645-5347.

CONTEMPLATIVE STUDY AND RETREAT SABBATICAL, residential program for spiritual renewal of whole person combining periods of silence and rest with daily spiritual teachings. Four to seven weeks. Begins March 21, 2004. Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ. Phone: (520) 744-3400. Web site:

RELAX, REST, RENEW; a sabbatical that you design. Monastic setting in beautiful Oregon. Spiritual direction, daily Eucharist, classes, retreats. Outings to beaches and mountains. August-May or shorter periods. Men and women. Contact: Jo Morton, OSB, Shalom Prayer Center, 840 S. Main St., Mt. Angel, OR 97362. Phone: (503) 845-6773. E-mail: Web site:

SACRED TIME AT CORAZON. This personal enrichment experience for women is set within an environment of contemplative space, solitude, leisure. The invitation of hospitality is enhanced by possibilities for spiritual direction, private/directed retreats. Workshops in creativity/human/spiritual development themes are offered from September through May. Sacred Time includes options of extended stay -- September to June or shorter periods of time -- months, weeks. For further information contact: Corazon Staff, PO Box 189, Glasco, NY 12432. Phone: (845) 246-8941. Fax: (845) 246-5610(*51). E-mail:

Spanish Studies

STUDY TOP-OF-THE-LINE PASTORAL SPANISH and the real Mexican cultural program, total immersion, one-on-one, customized, year-round, start anytime, go as long as you like tutorials. Special emphasis on pastoral care of Hispanics and on developing fluency in professionally oriented Spanish. Excellent faculty. Direct interaction with the Mexican church and the genuine Mexican culture reality. Contact: CIRIMEX, 205 Hill Ave., Ottumwa, IA 52501. Phone: (641) 682-4264. Fax: (641) 684-4690. Guadalajara, Mexico, phone: 011-52-333-121-4878; Mexican fax: 011-52-333-121-7738. Worldwide e-mail:

SPEAK SPANISH IN MEXICO. Total immersion program in Cuernavaca Language School. E-mail: Web site: International Office: PO Box 4233, Windham, NH 03087-4133. Phone: (603)437-9714; Fax: (603)437-6412.

LEARN SPANISH, ENJOY NATURE, La Escuela de Idiomas D’Amore Spanish Immersion Center. Immerse yourself in Spanish on the beaches of Costa Rica. Adjacent to Manual Antonio National Park. Intensive Spanish immersion programs. Small, personal classes. Beach lodging or homestays available. Contact: La Escuela D’Amore, PO Box 67, Quepos, Costa Rica. USA phone/fax: (262) 367-8598. E-mail: Web site:

INTENSIVE PASTORAL SPANISH at Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio, Texas: Adult learning in a multicultural faith community; small classes, outstanding faculty. Beginner/intermediate offered year-round in three-week blocks. Immersion experience in Guadalajara, Mexico, for advanced students. Initial certifications by the USCC/CCA. Contact Edna Cardona: (210) 732-2156, ext. 7102. Web site:

IMMERSION IN SPANISH LANGUAGE and Culture courses, Feb. 29 to March 18, 2004 or June 6 to 24, 2004 in Miami Florida. Designed for religious, priests, deacons, seminarians and laity interested in the Hispanic people and Hispanic ministry. Recommended for beginners. Write or call for brochure: Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI), 7700 SW 56th St., Miami, FL 33155. Phone: (305) 279-2333. E-mail:


VOCATIONS -- Catholic Apostolic Church in North America. Phone: (212) 923-1901. Web site:

Web Sites

STRENGTHENING THE CHURCH’S commitment to families. Visit us at Web site:


Employment Opportunities


CATHOLIC CAMPUS MINISTER -- A full-time, 12-month position with the Spiritan Campus Ministry at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Retreat development, pastoral counseling and outreach. Understanding of teaching Catholic social justice, desire for team ministry and a vision for collaboration with other university and community constituencies are vital. Qualifications: advanced degree in theology or pastoral counseling, three years work experience with college-age students and ability to work evening and weekend hours. Diversity welcome. Musical talent a plus. Position open July 1. Send letter of application with resume, one-page theology of ministry and three references to: Human Resources, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA 15282.


WAUSAU HOSPITAL, Wausau, Wis., four chaplain residency positions available beginning July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005, in a unique CPE program offering in addition to the normative goals of CPE, intrapsychic and family systems theories integration. Wausau Hospital is a 321-bed, modern community hospital and regional medical center very committed to spiritual care through the CPE program. Wausau is a progressive community immersed in the beauty and solitude of Wisconsin nature while within driving distance to Madison, the state capital, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. Recreational activities abound from skiing, fishing, camping and boating, to community theater and the performing arts. $21,000 stipend plus fringe benefits. Apply to: Bill Tallevast, DMin, Department of Pastoral Care, 333 Pine Ridge Blvd., Wausau, WI 54401. Phone: (800) 283-2881, ext. 72940. Fax: (715) 847-2015. E-mail:

GOING ON SABBATICAL and need a place to stay? Perhaps we can help while you too, help us. Or perhaps you are looking for a change of pace and environment? Madonna Manor, a 65-unit independent living facility for senior women located in Monterey Peninsula in sunny California, has an immediate opening for a part-time chaplain. The manor is owned and operated by the California Catholic Daughters of the America Home, Inc., a nonprofit organization. Main duties of chaplain are daily Mass five days a week and sacrament of reconciliation every other week. To apply, please contact: Maria Keilman, Administrator, 1335 Byron Drive, Salinas, CA 93901. Phone: (831) 758-0931. E-mail:

CHAPLAIN -- Saint John’s Health Center, one of the top 50 hospitals in the nation and the number one community hospital in California, is seeking a chaplain to join a staff of spiritual caregivers committed to meeting the spiritual needs of patients, families and staff at Saint John’s Health Center. The successful candidate will have current NACC or APC certification/eligibility. Teaching ability and an understanding of holistic ministry are preferred. Bilingual skills (Spanish preferred) are a plus. Smoke and drug-free environment. Post-offer, pre-employment drug screening. Equal opportunity employer. Send resume, apply in person or contact: Employment Office, Saint John’s Health Center, 2020 Santa Monica Blvd., Third Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Phone toll-free: (866) WORK4ME (967-5463). PRINCIPALS ONLY, fax: (310) 315-6130. E-mail: Web site:

CHAPLAIN POSITION -- St. Vincent Hospital and Health Care, Inc., is currently seeking a part-time Roman Catholic priest chaplain to join a large ecumenical staff. Successful candidate will be certified by the National Association of Professional Chaplains (COC), have a master’s degree in theology or behavioral science, have completed a minimum of four units of CPE, and have ecclesiastical endorsement. Excellent salary and benefits package. Equal opportunity employer. Interested candidates please send/fax cover letter and resume to: St. Vincent Hospital and Health Services, Attn: A. Bennette, 2001 W. 86th St., Indianapolis, IN 43240-0970. Fax: (317) 338-3073. Or e-mail:


JESUIT VOLUNTEER CORPS, Northwest (JVC:NW) will hire a development coordinator to start by mid-October. Position is 80 percent time, based in Portland, Ore., and is part of a collaborative staff. Development coordinator oversees all fund raising and former volunteer relations, manages database, edits newsletter and represents JVC:NW to its various publics. Requires past development and administrative experience. Knowledge of JVC helpful. Salary (at 80 percent) beginning in low 20s depending on experience. Closes Sept. 30. Request application packet by phone: (503) 335-8202. Or e-mail:


DIRECTOR OF PARISH MINISTERS -- Diocese of Green Bay, Wis. Collaborates with diocesan departments and Silver Lake College in directing and administering the formation and continuing education of ministerial leaders via the Commissioned Ministry Leadership Program. Applicants for this full-time position should have a master’s degree in theology or its equivalent, knowledge of diocesan and parish structures/procedures, ability to work independently and exercise good judgment. If interested in this position, please send your resume to: Cathy Larson, PO Box 23825, Green Bay, WI 54305-3825.

DIRECTOR OF MISSION SERVICES -- St. Mary Medical Center in Walla Walla, Wash., has a director of mission services position available. Candidate must have current chaplain certification with NACC or the Association of Professional Chaplains. Previous health care chaplaincy or pastoral ministry experience with some management experience required. Excellent salary and benefits. Equal opportunity employer. Contact: Human Resources, St. Mary Medical Center, PO Box 1477, Walla Walla, WA 99362. Phone toll-free: (800) 452-3320. Web site:


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Catholic Health Care Clinic. Villa Therese’s mission is to promote the healing ministry of Jesus among His poor through programs meeting basic medical healthcare needs, especially children. We seek director with minimum of Bachelor’s degree, healthcare experience, fiscal savvy with financial planning and management skills, preferred RN license or equivalent, computer literacy, grant-writing and PR skills. Bilingual (Spanish) skills preferred. Please send letter of interest with resume to: Search Committee, Villa Therese Catholic Clinic, 219 Cathedral Place, Santa Fe, NM 87501. E-mail:


MUSIC DIRECTOR -- Holy Trinity Church. Instruments range from organ to electric guitar and drums, with piano receiving the most use. This 2,300-household community has several kinds of choirs serving five weekend Masses. Our bright, modern church and offices, completed in 1998, are situated among rolling hills and enjoy an exceptional view. Contact: Tim Rumery, Administrator, 3111 Tierra de Dios Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Phone: (530) 677-3234. Fax: (530) 677-3570. E-mail: Web site:


LAY MISSIONARIES -- Lay Mission-Helpers Association seeking teachers, nurses, administrators, computer techs, and so forth. To serve overseas missions for three years. Airfare, monthly stipend, medical insurance provided. For questions, phone: (213) 637-7222. E-mail: Apply online at Web site:

COMBONI LAY MISSIONERS -- Ever considered living and working with the poor in another land? We are forming teams of lay missioners to work with the poor in Kenya, Eritrea, South Africa and Peru. Our placements include: working in the slums of Trujillo, Peru and Nairobi, Kenya; helping refugees and ministering to AIDS patients in Johannesburg, South Africa; and helping teachers and church workers serve the poor in Asmara, Eritrea. Have you got what it takes? Explore the possibilities and see if it’s for you. Contact: Comboni Lay Missionaries, 1615 E. 31st St., LaGrange Park, IL 60526. Visit our Web site:


LEAD COMMUNITY ORGANIZER -- Faith Based Organizations, Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU), in metropolitan St. Louis, MO and Jubilee, Newark, NJ dealing with social justice and public policy issues, seeks candidates for community organizing positions. Other opportunities may be available. Diversity encouraged. Equal opportunity employer. See Gamaliel Personnel for details


THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC CHAPLAINS is seeking an executive vice president and chief operating officer with a collaborative leadership style to oversee the administration of internal operations of this professional chaplains’ organization. Sound Catholic theological background and thorough knowledge of chaplain practice and education are required. Candidate must possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills and have experience in administrative management, budgeting and finance. Applicants with these qualifications should submit a letter of application, resume and salary expectations by Oct. 15, to: Search Committee, National Association of Catholic Chaplains, PO Box 070473, Milwaukee, WI 53207-0473. Web site:


YOUTH FAITH FORMATION (grades nine-12) and CAMPUS MINISTRY COORDINATOR in Marshall, Minn., at Holy Redeemer Parish and at Southwest Minnesota State University. One full-time position with shared responsibilities. Experience and related degree required. Submit resume by Oct. 15 to: Leo, Holy Redeemer Church, 503 W. Lyon, Marshall, MN 56258. E-mail:

DIRECTOR OF YOUTH -- The Diocese of Saint Augustine, Fla., seeks a director for youth and young adult ministry. Master’s degree in religious education, pastoral ministry, theology or related field desired. Parish or diocesan experience in youth/young adult ministry required. Deadline: Oct. 15. Resumes can be sent to: Human Resource Office, Diocese of Saint Augustine, 11625 Old Saint Augustine Road, Jacksonville, FL 32258. Phone: (904) 262-3200.

YOUTH MINISTER -- Large suburban parish that embraces Vatican II in Fort Worth, Texas diocese seeks experienced youth minister. Should be a leader, motivator and good communicator willing to work with parish staff and volunteers. Will direct a comprehensive program for grades six-12 including faith formation and Life Teen. BA, certification in youth ministry and five years experience preferred. Competitive salary/benefits. YM Search Committee, St. Philip the Apostle, 1897 W. Main, Lewisville, TX 75067. Fax: (972) 436-5302.

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