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Issue Date:  February 13, 2004


God’s Handiwork

That’s right
Call me on the phone
Get me up
And to the window
To stare at the moon
Or better yet
Come bang on the door
And take me by the hand
Into the yard
To gaze at stars, clouds, and lunar ridges
That’s what friends are for
To share the awe.

-- Rita M. Chase
Watertown, S.D.


Who Touched My Garments?
Mark 5

Felled by a winter cold
I snivel about
clutched by chills and long underwear
depositing Vitamin C tablets
between my lips
like quarters in a meter.
Jesus has no office hours
I just hope to catch him
wandering near my morning prayers.
If I can haul my miserable self
through distractions
rising like bad vapors,
maybe I can touch
just the fringe of his tunic
waving in my mind
like healing herbs.

-- Sr. Pat Schnapp, RSM
Adrian, Mich.

National Catholic Reporter, February 13, 2004

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