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Issue Date:  August 27, 2004


“Iran is going to be the 800-pound gorilla of American foreign policy come September.”

-- An unnamed U.S. State Department official commenting on the apparent collapse of a European initiative to persuade Iran to freeze its nuclear program

“It is Boring with a capital B, the kind of boredom that Heidegger talked about when he referred to the preface of deep, abysmal, existential despair.”

-- Review of the film "Anchorman" on IMDb.com, The Internet Movie Database

“The first of the four cardinal virtues of the Roman Catholic church is prudentia, which basically means damn good thinking.”

-- William Sloane Coffin, quoted in just released book Credo

“One of the dirtiest words in the economic lexicon is making the rounds again: stagflation.”

-- Patrick Barta writing in “The Outlook” column of The Wall Street Journal

“Gymnastics is a cruel sport. Take the balance beam: It’s 4 inches wide. Bill Clinton's book is wider than that.”

-- Sports writer Joe Posnanski of The Kansas City Star reporting from the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece

National Catholic Reporter, August 27, 2004

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