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Issue Date:  April 29, 2005

Quotable & Notable

“I have been amazed at how alienated people feel.”

-- Sociologist Dean Hoge of The Catholic University of America in Washington assessing the mood of American Catholics. Hoge said particularly at risk are young Catholics, whom he called the most educated, most cosmopolitan group in the church’s history.

“I think we’re approaching a tipping point in the United States; the laity are poised at the edge. If there is no ray of hope ... we’re going to be like the church in Europe,” where attendance has dropped significantly.

-- Fr. Donald Cozzens, author of Faith That Dares to Speak, speaking before the election of Pope Benedict XVI

“If there’s any stepchild of the foreign relations agenda of America, it’s Haiti. … [W]e have disrespected Haiti in every way.”

-- Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

“Imagine a country or a world where we did grant … human dignity to every human life, no matter where they’re located or their age. … Imagine that you saw in that individual a sacredness, a beauty, a uniqueness, that here is a child of the living God.”

-- Kansas Sen. (and possible Republican presidential candidate in 2008) Sam Brownback at Harvard University opposing stem cell research. A Knight Ridder correspondent wrote that some in the audience were “rapt, eyes wide,” while others “exchanged sidelong where-is- this-guy-coming-from looks.”

National Catholic Reporter, April 29, 2005

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