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Issue Date:  August 26, 2005

Quotable & Notable

“We had already ordered the fabric and started cutting. Had we realized, we could have cut the material into ribbons and at least sold them to the settlers.”

-- Hani Murad of the Palestinian fashion label Nota Bene lamenting that no orange-colored clothes were selling. In Israel, orange has been adopted as a symbol by people who oppose their country’s disengagement from Palestinian territories, and the color now is unequivocally associated with that political stance.

“They’re just like company. If you had had your brother-in-law in your house for five days, wouldn’t it start stinking after awhile?”

-- Larry Mattlage who stood in his goat pasture and fired a shotgun into the air Aug. 14 near the camp Cindy Sheehan pitched at the fork in the road about three miles south of President Bush’s ranch in Texas. Sheehan is protesting Bush’s Iraq policy. Mattlage said, “When they first came out here, I was sympathetic to their cause.”

Bad church music to be outlawed

-- Headline in London’s The Catholic Herald over a story about the working paper for the bishops’ Synod on the Eucharist that says Catholics “need to know the standard Gregorian chants” and should “avoid musical forms … not conducive to prayer.” The Herald predicted, “Folk Masses could disappear.”

“I thought Elvis was stealing the church’s music. And I thought I should steal it back.”

-- Larry Norman, Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee and recognized as inventing the Christian rock genre, on how his musical career began

“Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes along.”

-- Samuel Butler, Feb. 27, 1895

National Catholic Reporter, August 26, 2005

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