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Issue Date:  October 21, 2005

Quotable & Notable

“Faith in the risen Christ makes the Eucharist a project of solidarity, to share wealth with the poorest.”

-- Intervention by Archbishop Pedro Ricardo Barreto Jimeno of Huancayo, Peru, at the bishops synod on the Eucharist in Rome

“It was by and for Christ that this earth was made, which means it is sinfully wrong -- it is a tragedy of enormous proportions -- to destroy, degrade or despoil it.”

-- Richard Cizik, vice president of governmental affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals, urging evangelicals to embrace a scripture-based environmentalism

“Bush asked faithful Catholics to fight for him, campaign for him and vote for him and they did in record numbers; now the president lacks the stomach to fight for the values of those who put him in office.”

-- Fr. Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International, who said the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court was “a slap in the face” to pro-life movement

“Fifty years from now, the Voice of the Faithful will be remembered as the tiny pebble that rolled down the hill and became the biggest thing to hit the church.”

-- Sally Vance-Trembath, keynote speaker at a Northern California Voice of the Faithful meeting called to discern names for the selection of the next archbishop of San Francisco

National Catholic Reporter, October 21, 2005

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