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Updated February 24, 2006

Hundreds of jobs -- professional, administrative, clerical, ministerial and even some secular -- are filled through NCR Classifieds each year. The more popular titles include campus ministers, chaplains, counselors, executive directors, liturgy/music ministers, superintendents, principals, teachers and youth ministers. NCR Classifieds are also your best sources for up-to-date information on retreats, sabbaticals, Spanish studies, educational programs -- all the categories listed on the right column.

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Ad Random

WORTH, ILLINOIS -- Need Catholic Woman, pastoral heart, to read brief memorial service with spiritual will. Private Setting. E-mail:

WHITEHAWK SPIRIT COACHING -- Gavin W. Young, Jr., M.A., M.A.P.M. Seasoned Life Coach partnering with BabyBoom/GenX men in attaining enhanced lives by focusing on spiritual integration in all areas of life. Initial session is complimentary. Sessions are held by phone and last approx. 45 minutes. Contact: (541) 535-1558 (Pacific time) or for more info or to schedule an appointment.

ZEN MEDITATION GROUP. For beginner’s and seasoned meditators. In Evanston, IL. For information call (847) 477-6967 or e-mail:


SALESIAN SPIRITUALITY RESOURCES -- For a catalogue: phone1-800-782-2270. Web site:


COUNSELING/SERVICES -- Zen priest & psychologist offering counseling services for clergy of all denominations. Please call: (847) 477-6967 for information. E-mail:

Language Studies

INTENSIVE PASTORAL ENGLISH: Adult language instruction includes vocabulary for ministry. Small classes, multicultural setting, outstanding faculty. Offered in three-week blocks year-round. Mexican American Cultural Center, San Antonio, Texas. Accreditation: USCCB/CCA. Contact Edna Cardona: (210) 732-2156, ext. 7102. Web site:

Parish Missions

PROCLAIMING ABUNDANT LOVE - Parish Missions - Preaching teams of ordained, religious and lay. Website:

DYNAMIC, CREATIVE PREACHING -- Parish missions, Faculty in-service, retreats for religious. Web site:


BETHANY SPIRITUALITY CENTER Pilgrimage to Holy Land. June 12-21. Excellent guides. Ask for flier and brochure. (845) 460-3061. E-mail:

TWO 12-DAY HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGES, 2006: June 3-14 and September 16-27. Led by Franciscan Fr. Mario DiCicco, President, Franciscan School of Theology, 29 Years of Experience. Write or call for brochure: 1712 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709. (510) 848-5232 or


SABBATH SPACE: Mar. 27-Apr. 3. An opportunity for church ministers to rest and renew themselves before attending the “Religious Education Congress” in Anaheim. A light schedule complimentary to REC is arranged. Morning transportation to REC is provided Friday-Sunday. For information contact: Robert Cogswell, Center for Spiritual Development, 434 S. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92868-3907. Phone: (714) 744-3175 ext. 4406. Fax: (714) 744-3176. E-mail: Web:

SOURCE AT THE CENTER: Aug. 20-Sept. 2. A two-week intensive program for spiritual directors who have not completed formal training or trained spiritual directors seeking to renew themselves in the ministry. For information contact: Margaret Scharf OP, Center for Spiritual Development, 434 S. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92868-3907. Phone: (714) 744-3175 ext. 4415. Fax: (714) 744-3176. E-mail: Web:

Renewal Programs

BERAKAH: A Place of Blessing, offers “A Time of Blessing,” a four- to eight-month renewal program as well as accommodations for shorter, personalized programs for women religious and all women who are seeking to foster deeper fidelity to self, God and world. Components: variety of prayer experiences, contemplative space, scriptural and theological input, opportunity for spiritual direction and/or growth counseling, creative leisure in a community setting. Renewal sessions: late August to mid-December and mid-January to mid-May. Some programs could be designed during these months to meet individual needs. Inquiries: Berakah, 96 Fairview Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263-3817. Phone: (603) 435-7271. Fax: (603) 435-6670. E-mail: Web site:


ANGELSPRING FARM Wellness Retreat -- Individual Retreats at The Granary: arts, Franciscan, solitude, nature-focused, heat and A/C. Contact Sister Char: Phone: (724) 938.2301. E-mail:

EXPLORING PRIESTHOOD and Ministry Today, St. Francis Centre for Religious Studies, Mono Mills, ON Canada, July 30 - August 4, 2006. Scripture, psychotherapy, exploration of the inner landscape of ministry. 19th year/exclusive gathering for men in ministry. Finding “the Treasure we have in clay vessels”. Revitalizing hope, confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, in self, spirit and ministry. Phone: (416) 928-9570 Fax: (416) 921-7464. E-mail:

LIVING STONE GUESTHOUSE for retreat and renewal. Spiritual direction and counseling available. Nourish your soul while you vacation in Sarasota, Fla. Phone: (941) 966-5933. Web site:

SCHOOL OF LECTIO DIVINA -- seven-day Retreat, March 5-11, 2006, Benedict Inn, Beech Grove, IN. cost: $400. For information e-mail:

HOME PLACE -- A space for life reflection and choice from within desert, town and mountain. Spiritual consultation and Reiki on request. Contact Paula Wellnitz, OLVM, at (435) 748-2230 or

MONTH-LONG July retreat in Oregon; shorter retreats any time. Shalom Prayer Center: (503) 845-6773. E-mail: Web site:

SAN DIEGO. The Spiritual Ministry Center, The Religious of the Sacred Heart, offers year-round retreats including 30-day retreats and self-directed sabbaticals near the ocean in a comfortable townhouse. Phone: (619) 224-9444. Fax: (619) 224-1082. E-mail: Web site:

GUIDED RETREAT: THE MYSTERY OF GOD on the beautiful grounds of St. John. The Retreat Center at St. John’s, Plymouth, Michigan, May 14-May 20, 2006. We will gather and humbly reflect on the mystery of God with presenters Sr. Ann Willits OP and Fr. Matt Walsh OP. Retreat schedule includes morning conference, daily Eucharist and an opportunity for retreatants to meet with the preachers for conversation/reconciliation. Each evening  retreatants gather for silent prayer and a reflective review of what the mystery of God has revealed to them. St. John’s offers peaceful gardens, private air-conditioned rooms/baths, professionally prepared food. Registration deadline: May 5, 2006. Phone: (734)414.1111. Download brochure


CANTERBURY, ENGLAND - spend sabbatical time in a Franciscan setting in the Garden of England. Join students from all over the world in spiritual reflection, renewal and stimulating insights into Scripture, spirituality and Franciscan studies. MA and PhD studies also offered. Close to London and links to Europe. Come for ten weeks or a whole academic year. For information contact Sr. Margaret McGrath, Franciscan International Study Centre, Giles Lane, Canterbury CT2 7NA, United Kingdom. E-mail: or see our web site

MINI SABBATH - Living with Balance: Life in Abundance, July 8-22, 2006; Presenters: Michael Laratonda, FMS, Margaret Picha, SSND (previously Wellsprings staff). Franciscan Spiritual Center, Ringwood, NJ. Cost: $1100 all inclusive ($200 deposit with registration). Accepting Registrations now. Limited space. First come first served. Phone: (973) 962-9778. E-mail: Web site:

SPRING SABBATICAL: May 9-June 7. Come to this ideal environment for spiritual renewal, theological updating and holistic relaxation. Contact: Robert Cogswell, Center for Spiritual Development, 434 S. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92868-3907. Phone: (714) 744-3175 ext. 4406. Fax: (714) 744-3176. E-mail: Web:

FORMATION CONSULTATION SERVICES -- provides unique, flexible and holistic sabbatical programs within a nurturing small community atmosphere. Programs are tailored specifically to each participant’s needs. Program details are located on our web site: Our web site also offers a helpful selection of articles on formation for free downloading. Phone: (508) 234-6540.

SABBATICAL PROGRAM in Oregon; monastic setting. Shalom Prayer Center: (503) 845-6773. E-mail: Web site:


THE RETREAT CENTER at St. John’s, Plymouth, MI., in collaboration with Professors Patricia Cooney-Hathaway, PhD. and Msgr. John Zenz, S.T.D., both of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in the Archdiocese of Detroit, will conduct a spirituality seminar on “The Great Schools of Spirituality: Catholic Tradition Speaks To Contemporary Spiritual Seekers”, June 22-24, 2006. The purpose of the seminar is to bring together teachers of asceticism, pastoral leaders and spiritual seekers in order to engage in a theological reflection on the spiritual tradition and practice of three great schools of spirituality in the Catholic Church: Rev. Raymond Studinski, OSB will address the Benedictine Tradition, Rev. Howard Gray, S.J., will present the Spirituality of St. Ignatius and Dr. Cooney-Hathaway and Msgr. Zenz will discuss the contributions of the Carmelite Spiritual Way. Prayer and Liturgy will be an essential part of the weekend along with opportunities for reflection and interaction. St. John’s offers peaceful gardens, private air-conditioned rooms/baths, professionally prepared meals. Registration deadline: June 12, 2006. Phone (734)414-1111 or download brochure

Spanish Studies

LEARN SPANISH THROUGH IMMERSION at Cemanahuac Educational Community in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Well-trained professional teachers, small classes, pastoral Spanish. Links with social justice and volunteer organizations. Customized programs for groups. Start any Monday, choose the length of your stay.

STUDY TOP-OF-THE-LINE PASTORAL SPANISH and the real Mexican cultural program, total immersion, one-on-one, customized, year-round, start anytime, go as long as you like tutorials. Special emphasis on pastoral care of Hispanics and on developing fluency in professionally oriented Spanish. Excellent faculty. Direct interaction with the Mexican church and the genuine Mexican culture reality. Contact: CIRIMEX, 205 Hill Ave., Ottumwa, IA 52501. Phone: (641) 682-4264. Fax: (641) 684-4690. Guadalajara, Mexico, phone: 011-52-333-121-4878. Mexican fax: 011-52-333-121-7738. Worldwide e-mail:

LEARN SPANISH, ENJOY NATURE, La Escuela de Idiomas D’Amore Spanish Immersion Center. Immerse yourself in Spanish on the beaches of Costa Rica. Adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park. Intensive Spanish immersion programs. Small, personal classes. Beach lodging or homestays available. Contact: La Escuela D’Amore, PO Box 67, Quepos, Costa Rica. USA phone/fax: (262) 367-8598. E-mail: Web site:

INTENSIVE PASTORAL SPANISH: Mexican American Cultural Center, San Antonio, Texas. Adult learning in multicultural faith community. Small classes, outstanding faculty. Offered in three-week blocks year-round. Accreditation: USCCB/CCA. Contact Edna Cardona: (210) 732-2156, ext. 7102. Web site:

IMMERSION IN SPANISH LANGUAGE and culture courses, June 18 to July 6, 2006 in Miami. Designed for religious, priests, deacons, seminarians and laity interested in the Hispanic people and Hispanic ministry. Recommended for beginners. Write or call for brochure: Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI), 7700 S.W. 56th St., Miami, FL 33155. Phone: (305) 279-2333. E-mail:


RECONCILIATION CATHOLIC CHURCH - “A modern church for modern people.” Clergy wanted for an affirming Old Catholic Church opening new congregations. Telephone: (480) 649-0901. E-mail:

CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH in North America - Inclusive, progressive, marital status and gender no impediment to holy orders. Phone: (845) 586-2201. Web site:


VOLUNTEERS WANTED for supportive housing ministry Mark (612)724-3644 ext. 21. Web site:

FULL-TIME VOLUNTEERS, married or single men and women under 65. Live, work and pray in community at Franciscan Retreat houses in California. Receive spiritual growth., room, board, medical insurance and living allowance. Requires adaptability, tolerance good health and freedom from obligations. Contact: Franciscan Covenant Program, (831) 623-1119. E-mail:


JOURNEY WITH JONAH and the Whale, Discovering ourselves through our Learning Difficulties / ADHD, July 4 - 8, 2006, Loretto-Maryholme Retreat Centre, Lake Simcoe, ON Canada. Summer camp/workshop -- teachers, school support staff, parents. A creative, therapeutic approach to understanding learning difficulties, especially ADHD. Facilitators: Pina Mennitti, Special Education Assessment and Programming Teacher (T.C.D.S.B.) and Daniel McDonald, Psychotherapist (I.S.P.E.B.). Limited registration. Phone: (416) 928-9570. Fax: (416) 921-7464. E-mail: Web site:


Employment Wanted

ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST, business coach, management consultant seeks post as executive director of a retreat organization. E-mail: for c.v. Or call 760-720-0016 for details.

Employment Opportunities


ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF SPIRITUALITY -- The Grand Rapids Dominicans are seeking an Associate Director of Spirituality for the Dominican Center at Marywood. This full time position requires person with strong team, leadership, administrative and financial skills and have 3-5 years experience at a retreat/spirituality center. Spiritual director with 8-10 years experience able to teach in the Practicum, assist with training and supervision of individual Supervision Teams, coordinate and supervise the core team at Dominican Center and off-site Spiritual Formation Programs in a variety of locations. Must be self-motivated, high energy, a risk-taker, willing to travel, knowledgeable in Adult Learning, Spiritual Classics, Discernment, Spiritual and Human Development. Position begins immediately. Send resume and salary requirements to: Richard L. Jones, PHR, Director of Human Resources, Grand Rapid Dominicans, Dominican Center at Marywood, 2025 East Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. E-mail:


CAMPUS MINISTRY -- University of Dayton. Two positions: DIRECTOR OF MUSIC MINISTRY (Reference #P6004). DIRECTOR OF RETREATS AND FAITH COMMUNITIES (Reference #A6002). Part of 30 person ministry team serving Catholic and Marianist University. Full-time; benefits, salary commensurate w/qualifications/experience. The University of Dayton is strongly committed to diversity; is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. W/M/D/V/DV encouraged to apply. Complete job descriptions: Submit resume and list of references using the job number(s) above, by March 15: Office of Human Resources, University of Dayton, 300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-1614. (937) 229-2541. TDD: (937) 229-4773. E-mail (Word or Text only) to:


WORSHIP COORDINATOR -- Sisters IHM seeks qualified person to serve as Worship Coordinator for a congregation of women religious. Duties: direction and vision of liturgical and spiritual events in the Motherhouse through fidelity to the IHM community’s Constitution and Chapter Directions collaborating with others; coordinate Liturgical Committee; supervise staff and overall music program; and plan/coordinate members’ wakes and funerals. Qualifications: Bachelor degree; graduate degree in Liturgical Studies, Pastoral Ministry, or related field preferred; demonstrated liturgy experience including supervision of staff; experience in a Pastoral setting with older adults; Roman Catholic in good standing; ability to lead prayer; knowledge of the Liturgy Documents, Rites of the Church and current resources in worship and ritual practice; proficiency with Microsoft Office. Applicants submit cover letter and resume to: SSIHM Human Resources Manager, 610 W. Elm Ave., Monroe, MI 48162. E-mail:


MULTI-CULTURAL archdiocese seeks Director of Office of Worship and Christian Initiation to direct ongoing liturgical renewal in areas of music, ministries, E & A, RCIA and sacramental celebrations, under leadership of Archbishop. MA/MTS in liturgical studies and 5 years diocesan liturgical experience required. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) desirable. Full-time salary and benefits. Contact:

MUSIC DIRECTOR -- St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church, Roswell, Georgia. Full time Director of Music. Build on existing program that includes a traditional choir, two contemporary ensembles, Hispanic group, and seasonal children’s choir. Position requires excellent keyboard and vocal skills, experience in traditional choral conducting, contemporary ensemble leadership, a good working knowledge of Catholic liturgy. Ability to conduct chant, hymns, and polyphonic choral music is a must. A music degree is preferred. Competitive salary and benefits. Send cover letter, resume, salary requirements and references to Paul Tate, 4900 Markim Forest Lane, Sugar Hill, GA 30518 or e-mail to:

CHURCH ORGANIST/CHOIR DIRECTOR: The Cathedral Parish of St. Ignatius Loyola in the Diocese of Palm Beach is seeking applications for the position of Cathedral Organist/Choir Director. The salaried position requires 30 hours per week and includes health/pension benefits. The Cathedral is a vibrant, active community seeking an accomplished organist/pianist with knowledge of Catholic liturgy and music with experience in Choir direction/development for adults and children. For more details visit and click “employment opportunity.” Please send resume and salary requirements to Rev. Thomas Barrett, Rector, c/o The Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola, 9999 N. Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.

DIRECTOR OF WORSHIP -- St. Mary Catholic Church, Evansville, IN. Full-time position in a vibrant, parish Assembly, active in Vatican II expression of Liturgy, and well developed choir. Experience and education in liturgical theology and pastoral ministry, proficiency in vocal directing, organ, and piano required. Primary responsibilities: pastoral presence to parish, planning all liturgies, including music selection and accompaniment, collaborative working style, ability to organize liturgical ministers. Send resume by April 15, 2006, to Search Committee, 613 Cherry Street, Evansville, IN 47713. E-mail: Web site:

DIRECTOR OF LITURGY AND MUSIC -- St. Mark the Evangelist Parish, Independence, MO. Active, vibrant, growing parish community of 2400 families with collaborative staff seeks a full-time Director of Liturgy and Music to coordinate and provide quality liturgical experiences which celebrate and strengthen the membership’s journey of faith. Responsibilities include liturgy and event planning; recruitment, formation, and coordination of all liturgical ministries; direction of well-established, versatile music program. The successful candidate will be self-directed, take initiative in responding to pastoral needs, function respectfully and effectively in an inclusive manner, work collaboratively, and delegate appropriately. Qualifications: Knowledgeable and experienced in Vatican II Catholic liturgy; Minimum of 3 years related professional experience in comparable size parish; BA/BS in Theology, Liturgy, or Pastoral Studies or equivalent education and experience. MA in Theology, Liturgy, or Pastoral Studies preferred. Keyboard proficiency required. Musical directing skills preferred. Position open immediately, start date negotiable. EOE/M/F/D/V. Application deadline: March 31st. Please send cover letter including salary requirements and resume to Liturgy Director Search: St. Mark the Evangelist Parish, 3736 S. Lee’s Summit Road, Independence, MO 64055. Fax: (816) 373-3816. E-mail:


TRIAGE NURSE and Case Manager RN/LPN Position: Columbia Road Health Services, a Christian community health center in Washington, DC, offers medical, counseling and social services regardless of one’s ability to pay. The registered nurse/LPN provides direct patient care, coordinates triage, and assists the nurse administrator. He/she is also a key player in the clinic’s Diabetic Collaborative, an innovative approach to improving health outcomes for low income patients. 1-3 years of patient care experience preferred. Spanish fluency required. The salary range is $36,000-44,000. Please apply by sending a resume and cover letter to For questions about the position, call Mary Ellen Zook at (202) 328-3717.


ESTABLISHED, INNER CITY Independent Catholic parish active in social justice seeks associate pastor. Will consider both ordained and lay from any Christian tradition. Apostolic Catholic Church: (813) 238-6060. E-mail:

BILINGUAL PASTORAL MINISTER: Glenmary seeks a minister for a small town mission parish in northeast Mississippi. This person will work with a team in areas of faith formation, liturgy and social outreach. Fluency in Spanish is required. Previous experience in Hispanic ministry and a master’s in theology or pastoral ministry are preferred. Send resume to Jay Gilchrist, Glenmary Home Missioners, 1312 5th Ave. N, Nashville TN 37208. E-mail:

PASTOR FOR UNIVERSITY PARISH - University of California, Santa Barbara, campus parish seeks pastor to serve active, diverse community of students and year-round English and Spanish speakers. Strong tradition of lay leadership and social justice. For more information, go to or phone (805) 967-8592 or (213) 637-7000.


DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION -- Large Parish/Catholic School in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area seeks Director of Religious Education. The director will ensure the total faith formation of all children, will plan, implement, and staff Religious Education Program for parish and school and will provide catechist training and parent sacramental meetings. Qualified candidate will possess a masters degree in religious education or related field and a minimum of 2 years experience working in religious education. Full-time, excellent salary and benefit package. Fax resume to: Search Committee, (954) 476-5750.

ST. MARK THE EVANGELIST Catholic Parish, Tampa, is seeking a full-time Director of Religious Education responsible for a program that consists of over 1000 children. Responsibilities include recruiting and training of catechists, developing and maintaining catechetical programs for Religious Education, Vacation Bible School, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Sacramental preparation, and the F.I.R.E. and E.D.G.E. programs. Strong leadership, collaborative and organizational skills are required. Candidates should have Religious Education (or related field) credentials and experience in Catechetical ministry. Interested candidates should send their resume to Father David DeJulio, 9724 Cross Creek Blvd. Tampa, FL 33647 or e-mail:

DRE - St. Patrick’s Church, a 2000-family parish located in California’s Central Coast, is looking for a Director of Religious Education to supervise English and Spanish K-6 programs, direct the RCIA process, and coordinate Adult Faith Formation (SCC, Bible Studies, Parish Retreats). A master’s degree in Theology, Catechetics or a related field, fluency in Spanish and an ability to work with established teams are preferred. Send resume and references to Rev. Joseph Butters, PO Box 860, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421. Fax: to (805) 489-1316. Or e-mail to

DIRECTOR OF ELEMENTARY Religious Education-St. Pius X - Vatican II Parish; Responsibilities include: KN - 6th grade; Family Catechesis; Catechesis of the Good Shepherd; Sacramental Prep; Children’s Liturgy of the Word; VBS; B.A. with experience preferred. Send resume with cover letter, salary requirements and why you see yourself suited for this position to: Search Committee, Attention: Karen Horton, 1800 N Camino Pio Decimo; Tucson, Arizona 85715.


SOCIAL MINISTRY -- El Rancito de los Ninos, a long-term home for children in Los Lunas, NM seeks two religious Sisters (positions available immediately) to share house parent responsibilities with a Sister of Notre Dame and a Franciscan Sister already on staff. Benefits include monthly salary, room and board, health and dental insurance and more. For additional information or to apply, please contact: Joe Barbour, Ph.D., Executive Director, Los Ninos, Inc., PO Box 2400, Los Lunas, NM 87031. Phone: (505) 565-4470. E-mail:


SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS -- This is an opportunity for a person who is looking to lead a moderate -sized private school system within a State at the top of nearly every survey. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester, NH is seeking a charismatic leader to foster spiritual and academic leadership for the state’s Catholic schools: 29 schools (Grades Pre-K - 12 with 8,300 students). With tremendous support from the Bishop of Manchester and a highly supportive staff, the Superintendent will use his/her public relations, grass roots marketing, project management and visionary skills to develop our geographically diverse school system into a model for others to follow. To qualify, you will need a Master’s degree (Doctorate preferred), experience as a senior educational leader with a history of success at bringing the best out in people as well as a passion for excellence. The person must be motivated by the mission of the Catholic Church and be an active member of a Roman Catholic parish. Additionally, the selected candidate must have demonstrated success with strategic planning and, most importantly, goal achievement. EOE. Submissions must be received by no later than March 22, 2006. To apply, please e-mail your curriculum vitae along with three professional references and your cover letter stating salary requirement and how you will make a difference to: John D. Roller, SPHR, CEBS of Express Personnel Services, at A complete job description and a profile of the NH Catholic Schools can be found at


ST. TERESA’S ACADEMY -- Private single-sex secondary school accepting applications for 2006-2007 for full-time teachers in Latin and Spanish; also accepting applications in other disciplines. Send resume to: Academic Principal, 5600 Main, Kansas City, MO 64133.


IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY PARISH in Grand Rapids, Michigan is seeking a full-time Coordinator of Youth Ministry responsible for middle school through high school age youth. The successful candidate must be a practicing Roman Catholic, mature and enthusiastic in their faith, strong relational and organizational skills and able to work collaboratively with pastoral staff and advisory committees. S/he should possess a bachelor’s degree in theology, religious studies, youth ministry or related field, three years experience of youth ministry, and/or certification by a recognized program in youth ministry. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: program development with opportunities for service, spiritual formation and fellowship, recruitment and training of volunteer youth leaders, advocacy for youth with pastoral staff and parish community at large. Application deadline is March 31, 2006. To apply, please send letter of application, resume, and list of references to: Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Attn: Fr. Donn Tufts, 1935 Plymouth Road SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506. Phone: (616) 241-4477. E-mail:

YOUTH MINISTRY POSITIONS -- Retreat Staff Member: Well established program looking for faith-filled team member starting July 24, 2006. Work with four person team ministering to high school students during 2 day retreats at LaSalle Manor Retreat Center. Beautiful log cabin setting in Plano, IL (55 miles southwest of Chicago). Benefits include room/board, complete medical/dental, vehicle usage, salary and more. Youth ministry experience required. Contact Bob or Lori Dressel at: (630) 552-3224 x101. Fax: (630) 552-9160. E-mail: Website:

PARISH YOUTH MINISTER -- Large suburban parish near Portland, OR, seeks experienced Youth Minister to expand and direct Life Teen and EDGE programs for grades 7 - 12. Program provides opportunities for faith formation, retreats, socializing, community outreach and service. Also plans, directs Confirmation program for high school students. Must lead, inspire, communicate with youth and adult volunteers; work cooperatively with parish staff. Requires three years experience in youth ministry and BA in theology or religious education-or comparable experience. Full-time position; salary and benefits based on qualifications and experience. Send letter and professional resume to: Youth Minister Search, Our Lady of the Lake Parish, 650 A Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Fax: (503) 636-9415. E-mail:

COORDINATOR OF YOUTH MINISTRY -- Active Life Teen parish seeks energetic, mature youth minister who has a minimum of 5 years experience. This person will become a part of a thriving community of 1,500 families that has been committed to youth ministry since 1980. Located across from NASA, St. Paul was the first church established to serve the growing needs of the space industry. We are seeking a person who has a proven track record that demonstrates the ability to recruit, train and inspire. You must be highly motivated, organized and a self starter. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Resumes should be sent to Search Committee, St. Paul Catholic Church, 18223 Point Lookout Dr., Houston, TX 77058 or can be e-mailed to Luis Lopez at

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