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Issue Date:  April 14, 2006

Quotable & Notable

“Unfortunately, we’ve developed a lot of expertise in that field.”

-- Capt. Bruce L. Gillingham, director of surgical services at the Naval Medical Center, San Diego, which recently announced it is expanding its programs serving gravely wounded patients

“When the Romans fed innocent Christians to the lions … they claimed it was entertainment.”

-- Robert Ritchie of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property in a statement condemning the soon-to-be released film “The Da Vinci Code” as public blasphemy. “Yet it too is being called entertainment,” he said.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

-- Editorial in The New York Sun saying that with the resignation of the scandal-linked former House Speaker Thomas Delay, R-Texas, Democrats got what they wanted, but now they “will have to find something else to talk about”

“America has become a Linus nation … always searching for our security blanket. ... There is nothing more dangerous than a powerful nation that is afraid.”

-- Methodist Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker of Florida

“When you have both Intel and Microsoft on your case, you know you’re doing something right.”

-- Nicholas Negroponte of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab reporting that his project to develop a laptop computer for schools that will sell for $100 or less in developing nations is on schedule. Five to 10 million units are to be shipped in 2007.

National Catholic Reporter, April 14, 2006

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