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Issue Date:  August 11, 2006

Quotable & Notable

“What kind of God is upset by a cartoon in Danish?”

-- Salman Rushdie on Bill Moyer’s PBS special “Faith and Reason”

“That really hurt me more than anything else.”

-- Connie Statz, at the 19th annual National Catholic HIV/AIDS Ministry Conference in Chicago. She said 13 years after a priest at her rural Minnesota church told her that her AIDS diagnosis prevented her from drinking wine at Communion, she still feels rejected.

“You can’t use a picture of the pope to sell a piece of exercise equipment.”

-- Rob Wilco, a character in the cartoon “Get Fuzzy,” chastising Bucky Katt for trying to exploit the pope to sell his latest invention, the Ab-Solution

“I even found that the work ‘for’ God was taking me away ‘from’ God. There was not time anymore to be quiet or still or pray.”

-- Episcopalian Barbara Brown Taylor whose new book, Leaving Church, describes her experience of burning out as a parish priest

“It’s probably a long-term mistake for evangelicals to be too closely associated with any ideology or political party.”

-- Michael Gerson, former speechwriter for President Bush, saying Christian social teaching “has to be an authentic and independent witness” with “an influence in both parties”

National Catholic Reporter, August 11, 2006

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