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Issue Date:  September 22, 2006

Quotable & Notable

“No government on earth would accept such a flagrant violation to its independence and sovereignty.”

-- Al-Samani al-Wasiyla, Sudan’s foreign minister, rejecting Sept. 13 a U.N. resolution that would establish an international peacekeeping force for the Darfur region in Sudan

“We have to drive anti-Jewish rhetoric out of our mosques and out of our living rooms.”

-- Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, A Walla Walla, Wash.-born convert who has become a prominent Muslim leader

“They say that liberals have run out of new ideas -- it’s like saying that Christians have run out of new ideas.”

-- Garrison Keillor writing on Salon.com. “Maybe the doctrine of grace is good enough,” he wrote.

“I’m not making a conscious decision to be retro; I am retro.”

-- David Knopf, a Kansas City Star community columnist, bemoaning his losing battle against the march of time

“If we had it to do over again, we’d do exactly the same thing.”

-- Vice President Dick Cheney on the Iraq war

“I would not say that the church in Germany is tired; there is fatigue everywhere.”

-- Pope Benedict XVI in Germany

National Catholic Reporter, September 22, 2006

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